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Talk About Adoption™ is proud to introduce you to our newest short film, “The Peace of Knowing Leo.” In this film, Anthony shares about his open adoption story and the relationship he has with his birth son and his birth son’s parents. This film portrays the decisions of open adoption like never before. It aims to…

  • Inspire and captivate its audiences
  • Show the reality of abortion and adoption through a powerful story line
  • Change a father or mother’s decision of abortion to a decision of life for their baby

View the film, HERE. Then share and utilize the film when introducing the topic of open adoption.


*To offer much needed and appreciated financial support for this film, please contact Talk About Adoption™ for financial contributions, or donate HERE. Talk About Adoption™ is a newly generated movement and 501(c)(3) Non-profit. All financial contributions to Talk About Adoption™ are tax-deductible.

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