• I agree that Talk About Adoption™ is a movement to inspire people to talk about adoption within their community and at abortion centers.
  • I agree that Talk About Adoption™ aims to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy, who feel certain that parenting is not an option, turn towards adoption as their only option.
  • I agree that Talk About Adoption™ is not against the option of parenting for an unplanned pregnancy, but instead advocates parenting resources for mothers and fathers who do make the decision to parent during their journey of deciding whether to parent or place.
  • I am a volunteer for the movement Talk About Adoption™ and I am fully aware that all my volunteer time with Talk About Adoption™ is unpaid.
  • I am aware that my time (emails, phone conversations, or in-person meetings) with potential birth mothers or birth fathers that have contacted me through Talk About Adoption™ is volunteer-based and unpaid.
  • I agree to not sway any expectant mother or father that contacts me through Talk About Adoption™ into a decision for adoption or parenting. My efforts will be to help support them with either of those two choices during their decision-making.
  • I agree that the final decision to either parent or place the child for adoption rests solely on the potential birth parents, and that I am not to sway them toward either choice, but to assist them in whichever choice they make.
  • I agree that abortion is never an option for an unplanned pregnancy.
  • I agree to never incorporate abortion as an option for an expectant mother or expectant father coping with an unplanned pregnancy.
  • I agree to never mention abortion as an option for any form of pregnancy issues or concerns.
  • I agree that all medical advice surrounding a mother’s pregnancy should be left to her doctor, or the appropriate physician.
  • I agree that parenting and adoption are the only rewarding options for an unplanned pregnancy.
  • I agree to offer the best advice that I have, pertaining to adoption and parenting, to potential birth parents that contact me through Talk About Adoption™ for guidance on the two topics.
  • I agree to assist and support expectant mothers and fathers to find honest and reputable resources to help them begin a parenting or adoption plan.
  • I agree that my time spent with the potential birth parent who contacts me through Talk About Adoption™ is up to me, and I am to decide how the contact will begin (email, phone conversations, or in-person meetings), how long it will proceed, and when the relationship will be discontinued.
  • I agree that Talk About Adoption™ is not liable for any form of misconduct between the potential birth parent and myself.
  • I agree to form a positive, safe and healthy relationship with the potential birth parent. I agree to give the person I mentor the best advice possible through my personal experiences with adoption, and as a birth mother or birth father.

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