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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story is worth a thousand pictures. We aim to inspire the adoption community to share their experiences of adoption with us, so that we can help them share it with the world. These stories advocate for women facing unplanned pregnancies, educate others about the realities of adoption, build positive communities, and call people into action. We hope men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy will find these stories on our social media pages, and will make a decision of life for their baby. When a woman sees two incredible options of life for her and her baby (Parenting or Open Adoption), she will choose one of those options.


The efforts we put into finding these incredible stories is worth more than you can imagine. Do you have an adoption story you would like us to help you share? Email us your story of adoption, and we will be honored to share it on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Steller social media pages.




We want to show people how passionate we are about the option of adoption for those facing unplanned pregnancies, when the option of parenting has been exhausted. What makes our presence at your event unique? We are birth mothers ourselves. We have made this difficult decision of adoption, and have experienced what an easy blessing it can become. We believe that life is valuable, and see adoption as a wonderful option of life for a woman who has exhausted her possibilities to parent. We use our passion, our different and unique adoption experiences, knowledge, and education to do what we do best: talk about adoption. Contact us for more information about how our presence at your next event will inspire others to talk about adoption accurately.




We do not want birth mothers to just share their adoption story, we want them to take action in their communities. We currently have a Birth Mother Mentor program. These birth mothers have signed an Oath and have committed to being available for any woman who is looking into the option of parenting and adoption. They are also available for any organization who needs a birth mother’s presence (For birth mother panels, pregnancy resource centers, adoption agencies, and sidewalk advocacy to name a few). All of their efforts are voluntary; so we want to be able to equip them with our information pamphlets, our cards, and our shirts. We want to bless them with financial assistance in being able to attend various birth mother retreats, gatherings, meetings and cruises provided by other pro-adoption organizations who are supporting birth mothers with their decision, too.




Did you know that our website offers an abundant amount of adoption information for men and women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, and for Pregnancy Resource Centers?

  • When you immediately arrive on our site, you are greeted with the Myths and Realities of Adoption.
  • We offer current adoption information, from a birth mother’s perspective, throughout our website. We are consistently updating that information so that it continues to be the most current. Women choosing the option of adoption, to Pregnancy Resource Centers, can utilize this resource.
  • We help you talk about the option of adoption in your home and in your school, making it a comfortable topic to chat about with anyone. Start a Talk About Adoption™ Chapter, or get involved in your community, too.
  • And our website, alone, offers even more. Browse our site and use the information as needed.
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