At Your School


As a student, does your school (middle school, high school, college) include the topic of adoption in any of your studies? Does your school staff or personnel talk about the choice of adoption for an unplanned pregnancy in health classes, sex-ed classes, or during school activities and recreations? If not, here are key points on how to integrate adoption into your school environment:

  • Start an after or before school club or activity that center’s on the topic (i.e. Becoming a birth mother or an adoptee)
  • Begin a student campaign centered on the topic
  • Speak with your high school counselor, nurse, principal, or college campus affiliates about adoption, and see what ideas they may have to positively promote the cause
  • Write a paper or create a project centered on adoption, and present it to your classmates
  • Collaborate and volunteer with your school peers at reputable adoption agencies
  • Promote a community meeting about adoption with fliers at your local schools and colleges
  • You may eventually have a friend at school that is unsure about what to do with their unplanned pregnancy. The best thing you can do for your friend is to provide them with reliable adoption resources so they are informed about the option of adoption.

*Visit to find out how AdoptED provides schools and students with free education and resources about adoption, by using a hands-on, interactive curriculum

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