In Your Home


Have you or your family ever spoken on the topic of adoption in your home, in any way or for any reason? Has it been mentioned in your home as the only choice in a situation where parenting would seem impossible? Would your parents or other family members understand the decision for adoption if an unexpected pregnancy were to arise?

If the option of adoption has never been a former topic of interest for you, however, it has now become a possible solution, talk about it with your family. Find out what they have to say about adoption being an alternative for an unexpected pregnancy. If any of your family members are unsure of what to think about adoption, do research to give them clear information about the positive points surrounding it. Educate your family, and the friends that enter your home, during everyday conversations about why adoption can be a wonderful option for an unexpected pregnancy.


Everything begins in the home. Your child sees and imitates your actions from the very beginning. The home is an environment for “seeds to be planted” throughout a child’s life. Since children thrive on the communication they have with each family member, a parent should speak with their child on the topics of love and relationships. Even the wisest and most obedient children still struggle with peer pressure, hormones, and normal physical developments, putting every teenager at risk for an unplanned pregnancy.

As the norm in today’s society, the two most common principles parents teach their children is to either not have sex until they are in a committed relationship, or to have protected sex. In addition to this, how to handle an unplanned pregnancy is a conversation that parents should have with their children. Young teenagers who face unplanned pregnancies may choose abortion not only because they are fearful of their predicament, but also because they are unaware of the option of adoption. Make plans to speak with your child about the healthy options they have if they or their partner were to become pregnant.

As a parent, when you talk about adoption in your home you are teaching your child that:

  • Taking responsibility for your actions is noble
  • Protecting your child’s life is respectable
  • Carrying and bringing life into the world is rewarding


Talk about adoption in your home

  • To help your family understand that it is not a shameful decision
  • So that all family members are comfortable and familiar with the topic
  • So that your child is not relying solely on the people outside their home environment for advice on an unplanned pregnancy
  • So that your child will be confident in knowing the true meaning of adoption
  • So that your child will know what actions to take if he or she were faced with an unplanned pregnancy
  • So that your child will understand adoption as a safe and rewarding alternative for an unplanned pregnancy if parenting were not a viable option
  • So that your child will be prepared in advising their peers about the option of adoption for an unplanned pregnancy
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