At Your Church or Place of Worship


Does your minister talk about adoption openly as a safe option for an unplanned pregnancy? Does your church community talk about it? Do you know of anyone in your church community who has adopted, or who is a birth mother or a birth father? If so, inspire these people to talk openly about their positive experiences with adoption. If not, talk about adoption with your minister, church staff, and church members. Here are ways you can talk about adoption in your church community or place of worship:

  • Create a small group centered on the topic
  • Create a temporary small group to discuss adoption and the support needs of birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptees, and adoptive parents
  • Consider leading a monthly encouragement group for birth mothers or birth fathers, and those who want to support the adoption community
  • Host a meeting or event at your church focused on the topic
  • Collaborate with your minister about speaking on the option of adoption at the pulpit during worship services
  • Collaborate with your minister about organizing an evening service around the topic

Adoption Speaks -695 Days 2 Hours 16 Minutes 16 Seconds until the conference.