• You may still be under the influence of medications 24 hours after the baby is born, so wait until you are mentally stable before signing relinquishment documents.
  • Take as much time as you need before you decide to relinquish your parental rights.
  • Take as much time as you want with the baby. Whether this is because you want to spend time with the baby in the hospital, or because you are second-guessing your decision and need the adoption agency or attorney to work with you on another alternative until you are ready to make a decision.
  • Do not let anyone place undue pressure on you to relinquish your parental rights before you are ready.
  • Do not let feelings such as “I feel obligated,” or “I do not want to let the adoptive parents down” get in the way of your decision.
  • Do not let any person around you, including the hospital staff, make you feel that your choice to place is not the right decision.
  • It is normal to have mixed feelings regarding your decision. Before you sign the relinquishment documents, go over the reasons why you are choosing adoption and seek counsel from someone you trust to support the decision you are making.
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