At The Abortion Center

Let’s face it; your local abortion center does not offer comprehensive adoption information, in comparison to adoption agencies. Since adoption social workers work at adoption facilities, they are rarely able to advocate adoption choices on-site at abortion centers. A large amount of abortion centers fall short of licensing standards, health regulations, inspections, and government accountability. In most abortion centers, their “informed consent counseling” or option counseling lacks regulations and accountability as well. Because each state is different, informed consent counseling can range from guidance as brief as referring the pregnant woman to a toll-free hotline, to merely offering the pregnant woman a detailed list of specific alternate organizations if she wants them. In every state that is required to offer women written materials, there is information about the availability of services relating to abortion alternatives. Even though the idea is that the materials are providing women with information about their options, they are only offered to the abortion-minded woman, and she is not required to take them or look over them.

By providing reputable adoption resources at abortion centers, you are advocating…

  • Immediate and unbiased options for an unplanned pregnancy
  • As much comprehensive adoption resources as possible
  • The option of adoption peacefully and lawfully outside abortion centers

Before you advocate adoption resources, educate yourself by researching reliable adoption and parenting resources in your community. We want to inspire you to bring as much available adoption resources as possible to abortion centers. Inside most abortion centers, adoption is portrayed as a stigma, rarely talked about, and falsely viewed as a very difficult choice to make. Pregnant women entering and leaving an abortion center are rarely aware that adoption can be a wonderful alternative to abortion. If a pregnant woman insists that she cannot parent due to financial, emotional, or physical reasons, talk about adoption with her. The only options that should be presented to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy are parenting resources and reputable adoption referrals.

Advocating the alternative of adoption at your local abortion center provides a simple and open opportunity to talk about adoption to abortion-minded people who are faced with few options. The information below will assist you in your efforts to communicate with abortion-minded people at abortion centers. Here is a method and guide that will inspire you during your sidewalk ministry:


CARE – Care about not only the unborn child, but also the expectant mother and father’s situation.

PRAYER – Pray before and after leaving the abortion center.

SHARE – Share whatever connection you have with adoption, and how it has made a positive impact in your life and those around you.


  • Your attitude should be of love and concern for the people entering the abortion center, including those who work there.
  • Make it your mission to provide men and women honest and thorough alternatives to abortion. Be actively committed to enlightening our society on the option of adoption.
  • Never refer to the baby in the mother’s womb as an embryo, zygote, or fetus. The life in a mother’s body is in fact a baby. Referring to the child inside the mother as a scientific term dehumanizes and misinterprets the reality of human life. Whether the baby is inside or outside the womb, he or she is an individual human being.
  • Never refer to a woman’s choice of adoption as her “giving up,” “giving away,” “getting rid of,” “handing over,” or “choosing to forget” her baby. Those words are associated with failure and bad decisions. In reality, adoption has nothing to do with giving up, and everything to do with giving life.
  • We do not encourage or engage in violence of any kind. All of our efforts are to be peaceful and within state and federal laws.
  • We are upholding our constitutional right of freedom of speech and expression during our sidewalk ministry.
  • We will not be disappointed in our continued efforts to speak to men and women about the gift of adoption.

For advocate training and educational resources on abortion visit the Resources page at

Are you an adoption worker? Join your local sidewalk advocates to talk about the option of adoption in your community. When abortion-minded men and women enter abortion centers, it is at that very moment they need your professional assistance in making an informed decision.

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