As An Abortion Worker

Abortion workers: Does your job direct you to…

  • Place emphasis on providing pregnant women with accurate alternatives to abortion (i.e. parenting or adoption), as well as showing and talking to these women about that information?
  • Inform the women entering the abortion center about the vast amount of parenting and adoption resources in and around their community?
  • Complete professional training courses on the various types of adoption options to better equip you in providing unbiased option counseling to the clients at the abortion center?
  • Become familiar with the different types of adoption options?
  • Talk about the different types of adoption options in detail to the pregnant women at the abortion center?
  • Provide clients with reliable referrals to adoption agencies and attorneys that can assist them financially and emotionally during and after their pregnancy?
  • Inform the abortion-minded woman that a mother has the option to place her child with a relative through an adoption plan, versus a non-relative family member?
  • Offer women who enter the abortion center information on parenting assistance, such as suggesting the various amount of government assistance programs for single mothers through their local Department of Social Services?
  • Provide the abortion-determined women with accurate information on maternity homes that will financially assist them with parenting or adoption resources during and after their pregnancy?
  • Provide the abortion-determined women with accurate information on maternity homes that would be able to provide them with free housing in order to assist them in their goal of becoming the best parent or birth mother they can be?

Do you talk positively about adoption with the women who feel like parenting is unthinkable and abortion is their only choice? Are you providing your clients with honest and complete information about their adoption choices? Do you know the details of the adoption process, and the various opportunities it offers women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy? If you’re unaware of the adoption process, or if you feel pressured to not talk about it where you work, contact us so we can help assist you in giving the women that walk into your abortion center unbiased options aside from abortion. Or visit to begin your journey in finding confidential, non-judgmental help.

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